Thomas Stelzer Trio

All Night Long

Veröffentlichung: 1997
  1. Sloopy Drank Blues
  2. See See Rider
  3. Walking By Myself
  4. I Still Haven´t Found What I´m Lookin´For
  5. Hold it
  6. Cal´donia
  7. God Can Do Anything But Fail
  8. What A Boogie
  9. Drums Solo
  10. Talkin´On A Phone
  11. Ev´rytime
  12. Falling Down
  13. Sick & Tired
  14. All Night Long
  15. Can The Can
  16. My Baby Makes Me Wonder
  17. Not Fade Away
  18. Short Step Boogie
  19. Dont´t Go Home
  20. I Guess That´s Why They Call It The Blues
Thomas Stelzer (piano, vocals, kazoo)
Matthias Peuker (drums)
Burkhard Schmidt (saxes) additional at tracks 14-19:
Henry Altmann (contrabass)
Jürgen Heinrich (e-guitar)